Saturday, December 3, 2011

Samsung Recommends Weekly Window Restarts?

What if, as you were happily working on your brand new computer, one of these messages popped up?

A message that tells you that "1 week has passed since the system last start", and that "Restarting the computer helps restore the system performance"!

This isn't a "Windows" warning, but most likely due to some pre-installed software found on Samsung computers (at least that's what we could figure out based on our mailing list).

I won't argue that indeed it might help... but what I find disturbing is too see major brands like Samsung to accept - and promote - this type of behavior; when they should actually be using all their power to "demand" better operating systems that won't require this type of thing.

Truth be told, I often have my Windows computers continuously on for months at a time, and when I do reboot it's usually due to system update. But other than that - and if stick to using "proper" software - Windows behaves just fine without restarts even for months at a time.

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