Friday, January 6, 2012

TidyTilt Magnetic Cover for iPhone

The iPhone 4/$s might be a beauty to behold... but in real life beauty is often plagued by things like headphone cables and USB power cable always tangling up, not being able to place your iPhone in a suitable position to leave it standing on a table, or even risck scratching it every time you place it somewhere.

That's where TidyTilt for the iPhone jumps in to save the day.

It's a Kickstater project, funded by supporters like you and me, and it gets its inspiration in the magnetic smart cover of the iPad 2. With its camaleonic properties, it can act as a simple iPhone protection mount, as well as a cable tidy and as a tilt stand - besides giving your iPhone magnetic properties that make it "stick" to any metal surface (yes, you can finally leave youe iPhone stuck on your fridge.)

Best of all, it starts and $19 per TidyTilt, and can get even cheper if you get some friends to join in and buy a bulk pack.

TidyTilt for iPhone HD from TidyTilt on Vimeo.

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