Friday, January 13, 2012

Windows Phone Faster than Competition

If you attended CES 2012 you might have come across an original challenge: you could win $100 just by pitching your phone against an Windows Phone, as long as your phone was faster.

There were several challenges, from sendind SMS to taking a photo and sharing it on Twitter... and surprisingly, after 34 attempts, Windows Phone had won 30, had 1 draw, and only lost on 3 attempts.
Not that I think Windows Phones are slow... but when pitted against iPhone 4S, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus... I wouldn't put my money on it.

But, more than the device itself, the key issue was the user: and that explains why all of the 3 winning devices (iPhone 4S, Droid Bionic and Galaxy Neux) were also present among the 30 losing ones.

In any case, it sure was a nice way to promote Windows Phones...

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