Saturday, February 11, 2012

Google Apps Dark Theme Save Battery

While it won't serve you much if your Android device has an LCD screen, on OLED screens the difference between white/black pixels is a world apart. This is due to the fact that LCD screen rely on a backlight light source that is constantly on even if your screen is mostly black; while on OLED screen, a white pixel is constantly wasting power... but a black one is essentialy "turned off" and now wasting power at all.

Google Android themes have been dark for that exact reason, but this "Dark Google Apps" mod goes even further, as it changes the regular Google Android Apps so that the most predominant color is the power-saving black.

I'm not sure how much effective battery life you'll be able to squeeze by using dark Apps as opposed to white ones (it would be nice to know if this means meaningful extra minutes), but if you want to extend your smartphone battery life for as much as possible, I'm sure it won't hurt to try these out.

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