Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Turn Your Facebook into a Movie

Ever felt touched when you saw one of those "memories videos" when you want to praise someone you admire/love/cherish? It's about to become easier than ever, should that person be on Facebook. You've probably noticed that Facebook now has your life timeline, allowing you to quickly glance at what you've been doing... and now with this new Timeline Movie Maker you can easily turn it into a video with a simple presso of a button.

It really is that simple, altough you can still edit some of the stuff (photos, video, check-ins, etc) if you think the automatic process doesn't do you justice (or should you want to prove your directing skills rival Hollywood's finest directors ;) but indeed it does provide a valuable tool to turn your digital life - which more than ever also closely resembles your real life - into a nice video you can share with your friends.

[via ZDnet]

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