Monday, March 19, 2012

Google Preparing a Low Cost Nexus Tablet

It's kind of sad to see that the strongest contender in the Android tablet market is actually one of its own competitors: Amazon's Kindle Fire - which although it's Android based, it's not actually an "Android".

Of course, lots other desirable Android Tablet exist, like the Asus Ttransfomers, but its prices usually put those up against the ever present Apple iPad (which can now be bought for just $399 for last years iPad 2 model).

But Google is now about to make a stand and make it's Android Tablets a lot more interesting, by launching a  7" Nexus Tablet made by Asus.

And what's the difference between this tablet and all others on the market?... Exactly what matters the most... its price. This Nexus Tablet will apparently start at just $149. Well below the $199 price that makes the Kindle Fire so attractive.

It looks like the miraculous Android tablet might arrive in May-June... so, get ready for a hot fight when it comes to 7" Android tablets this Summer.

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