Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sony A57 Translucent Mirror Camera

If you're tired of hearing your DSLR mirror clicking and clacking as it drops and raises every time you shoot, maybe it's time your consider switching to a SLT camera. What does SLT stands for? Single Lens Translucent, exactly the kind of technology you can find on the new Sony A57 camera. Instead of a movable mirror, the A57 uses a slightly translucent mirror that allows it to keep snapping photos in high-speed, while the auto-focus system (15 point, 3 sensor AF system) also gets enough information to keep working.

That's the trick that allows it snap precisely focused imagens at up to 12fps, with no mirror bouncing around.

You also get Auto Portrait Framing, that promises to automatically frame your portraits to get better looking photos, as well as a Clear Image Zoom, that Sony claims can provide a 2x digital zoom with no loss in picture quality. A claim that will certainly be put to the test once this camera is out.

As you'd exepect, this 16MP camera also gets FullHD 1080/50p video recording, with full manual/auto controls.
This A57 is expected to land in April, costing $699.99 (body-only), or $799.99 (with an 18-55mm lens kit).

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