Friday, April 6, 2012

iOS Text Editors

With millions of Apps available in your App Store, the problem isn't finding a App that does what you want... but finding the one that best does what you want.

And when what you want is something as simple as a text editor, it becomes even harder to figure out if there's another App out there that might solve the issues you might be having with your current app.

Thankfully, as it's quite common on the internet, this same dilemma has already crossed the mind of other people... including one that decided to take matters into its own hands and compile a comprehensive iOS text editors comparison table that allows us to have a better view of each App features.

Now you can easily check which Apps supporte Dropbox syncing, text expanding, export to PDF, how much they cost... and lots, lots more.

A comparison table that gives us a glimpse of how hard it can be to do such a simple thing as: figuring out the best text editor App out there.

[iTextEditors via the verge]


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