Sunday, May 6, 2012

US Dollar Sticky Note Memo Pad

Tired of jotting down your notes on the usual yellow sticky notes? Think your ideas are worth a lot more?

How about writing your notes of US currency... and I don't mean a lowly 1 dollar bill, but in a 1000 US dollars bill! That's something you can do - for a lot less than you'd might expect - with this US Dollar Sticky Note Memo Pad. :)

With this memo pad, you can spread around thousands of dollars to all your friends and colleagues without worrying about your credit rating, not to mention that your notes will be bound to get a lot more attention than it would otherwise.

This funny way to lift up your office spirits can be had for less than $4, and I can guarantee it will put a lot of smiles in people faces.

... You just have to take extra care if you happen to put one of these in your wallet... and try to use it to pay for your bills! :)

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