Monday, June 18, 2012

New Xbox 720 with Kinect 2 and VR Glasses?

Looks like we're about to have a field day on Christmas 2013. According to a leaked document, Microsoft is not only working on the successor of its acclaimed Xbox 360, but also on a next gen Kinect and... digital glasses as well! (Although those Fortaleza Glasses will only be out later, in 2014 - and Fortaleza being another Brazilian city, just like the Natal codename Kinect had.)

As for the technical details for the Xbxo 720, MS seems to be considering Blu-ray support (still to early to go fully digital I guess), native 3D and FullHD 1080p output, concurrent apps, "always on" mode, and additional sensor and peripheral support. 
Performance is expected to increase 6x, thanks to a 6 or 8 core ARM/x86 Cores at 2Ghz, as well as a backward compatible PPC 3-core CPU for Xbox 360 games. As for RAM, we can expect 4GB, which should help it to live through its planned 10 year life cycle.
Harder to achieve may be the expected $299 price point... but one must consider just how much hardware has evolved - making it a lot less expensive to have a multicore CPU, RAM and a powerful GPU on board.

In any case, the most interesting tidbit might be the digital Fortaleza glasses, that shows that MS is actually taking this technology quite seriously - and that Google might want to speed up their Project Glass. ;)

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