Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Toshiba Ultrabook gets 21:9 Screen

If you're on the market for a ultrabook, you might get yourself confused: most ultrabooks on the market are remarkably similar to one another. But now there's a new Toshiba in town (or it will be, as soon as it gets to the stores on the 3rd quarter) that indeed will look different. Why's that?
Well, this Toshiba Satellite U840W comes with 14" 21:9 LCD screen.

Although these ultra wide screens have been around for a while on TVs (like this one from Philips), Toshiba says this is the first time such a screen is used on a laptop. Thanks to its wide aspect ratio, this 14" screen with 1792x768 allow for a more compact design - not to mention you'll be able to see panoramic movies without black bars on top and bottom.

This ultrabook comes with the expected Ivy Bridge CPUs, can carry up to 10GB Ram, has a 500GB hard drive and a 32GB caching SDD, as well as backlit kyboard, USB 3.0, and even WiDi. And to top it off, Toshiba claims a "full day's work" battery life.

Although I'm a big critic of "short" vertical resolution on computer screens (that's precisely the one we need the most), I willing to concede that this might indeed be a strategic move as soon as Windows 8 is launched and people begin using Metro Apps side by side.

Time to start saving some £899?

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