Thursday, July 12, 2012

Android Loses Local Serch Due to Apple Patent

As if it wasn't enough having to endure the news from the corrupt institutions that were/are largely responsible for the current economic crisis, now we have to endure similar revolting news on the technological front as well.

At least, I can't stop my stomach from turning when hearing cases like the Apple vs Android patent that prevents the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S3 from having a google seach bar that shows local results!

Just imagine... how could anyone think that a patent for such an "inovative" feature suach as local search would have some kind of merit (and lets not enter on the broad subject of software patents as a whole...)

The sad thing is that this kind of patents might make some lawyers happy, feeling like they did their job... but, eventually have no actual effect - other than annoying the users, that will probably have a growing feeling of repulse for the offending companies.

The market has already shown what it does when it is presented with no real legal choice. Just ask anyone wanting to watch the latest movies or tv series, and that is constantly reminded that he/she lives "in a non-supported country". The answer is simple... people turn to other "alternative" sources.

And in this case, the answer is exactly the same: Apple might want this feature removed. Google and Samsung may comply... but users will figure out a way to reenable the local search feature.

So... how much longer will we need to keep pretending that these absurd patent issues really matter?

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