Monday, July 30, 2012

iPhone 5 and Mini iPad on September 21st?

Just a few hours after we've seen how the upcoming iPhone 5 might look like; here's something that lots of people have been waiting for: a date to cross on their calendars. The date when Apple is expected to present their new iPhone and the new mini-iPad.

Just like what happened with the latest iPad, Apple is sure to drop the "number" from the iPhone brand name, so... we'll be getting just a "new" iPhone, instead of an actual "iPhone 5". Things might start to get messy in one or two more generations, when people start arguing: what iPhone/iPad do you have? Last year's new iPad/iPhone, or this year's new ones? But I guess, we'll starting referring them by year, or generation... just like people already do on iPods and such.

Back to what matter, according to the site iMore, there will be an iPhone and mini-iPad evento on Sept. 12. Just a day after the well known and remembered Sept. 11.
As for its arrival at the stores, they say it will happen on Sept 21.

Fact, or fiction... that's something we'll have to wonder... until Apple officially starts sending out the invites.

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