Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Navigon brings Streetview to its iOS Navigation App

If you were worried about the upcoming iOS 6 and saying goodbye to Google Maps, which many would surely miss - particularly the quite convenient street view - then you might like to hear that there seems to be a way to fix that.

Although one will expect Google to eventually launch an official Google Maps App (even possibly with navigation, just like on the Android version) for the iPhone and iOS6, if you can't wait for it you can head out to Navigon's navigation app that in its latest update introduces - you might know what - Google streetview imagery.

And in case you had already bought Navigon to serve as your official iOS offline navigation App, then you'll like to hear that you'll be receiving this update free of charge. So... it seems that choosing this App when you considered all other GPS apps might have been the best thing you ever did. :)

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