Friday, August 3, 2012

Apple Working on Flexible Display Smartcover?

Microsoft might have surprised us with their touch sensitive keyboard covers for their new Surface tablets (which will also bring us "pressure-sensing" keys, with lots of new applications), but Apple is also working on some similar tech... that goes even futher.

Besides touch sensitive smartcovers, Apple is also working on smartcovers with flexible displays.

This reminds me how much I "hated" the iPhone not having any kind of notification led/display. On my old cellphone, the time was always visible on its screen, and it had a notification led that flashed differently according to missed calls, low battery, etc. So, in the beginning, I really missed those: and it annoyed me to not be able to see if I had any missed calls on my iPhone, laid on the table a couple of meters away - heck, I couldn't even tell if it was on, or with a dead battery!

Maybe in the future, iPads and iPhones will indeed be able to have a secondary - always on - screen, using flexible eInk (or other kind of low power technologies).

On AMOLED screens, things are easier, as a "black" screen doesn't really use power... And devices such as the Nokia 808 Pureview are able to show the time when the device is suspended (jumping around the screen, so it doesn't "burn" the pixels).

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