Sunday, August 19, 2012

Google gets new Favicon

In case you didn't noticed it yet, Google has introduced a new favicon. What's a favicon? - You might ask. Well, it's the small icon that web pages use as a symbol, that most browsers show next to the webpage name or address on its tabs, and that gives us a visual clue to better identify a webpage among several open tabs (as well as find it faster).

The new Google favicon is simpler than the previous multicolored mess we've grown used to since 2009. In fact, is quite similar to their older 2008 favicon, but with opposite colors: instead of a blue "g" on a white background, we now get a white lowercase "g" on a blue background.

As always, change requires a small adjustment period, but after living with it for a couple of days, I think the new favicon really works better than the previous one - and at least it pops up more among the dozen of open tabs I keep open on several Chrome windows.

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