Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apple Confirms Special Event for Sept 12th

It was starting to get too close... and Apple finally made it official, sending invites for a "special event" next September 12th. An event where we expect to see the new iPhone, which should remain the sole "star" in the show - the also highly awaited mini-iPad should be getting its own special event, in October.

If the rumors are true, there won't be much left to be known: besides the new unibody chassis and new design, the only real change will be the taller screen, going from a 3:2 aspect ratio to 9:16. A welcome change for all those that have tried larger screen devices - I have, and although I was a fan of the iPhone small screen size, I had to concede that after a couple of days using a Galaxy S3, going back to the iPhone felt "claustrophobic".

Now, my main question is: will Apple be able to pull off one of Steves famous "one more thing..." to surprise us all... or it will be "just" what we're already expecting, and leaving that odd "is that all" sensation in the air? (Not that it will matter much when the time comes to begin making the usual lines at the stores...)

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