Friday, October 19, 2012

Niiiws now Available for iPhone

After its successful premiere on the iPad, the news agregating app that delivers the latest news (suited to your own interests) is now, finally, available for your iPhone as well: the Niiiws App is now an universal App for the iPad and iPhone alike.

With this App you'll no longer have to browse or sift through several different news Apps to know what is going on; all the major news' stories will be available in a single App, and you won't even have to deal with sports results should you not be a big sports fan - or, on the other hand, check just the sports news and not deal with politics or economics. Niiiws will learn your tastes and serve you just the kind of news you'll like to read.

The Niiiws app is available for several countries:

This App was developed by a Portuguese company (Muchbeta) and you'll quickly notice their attention to detail and appealing design - something that is common to all their products.

And... did I mention it's free? Go and give a try, on your iPhone (or better yet, on your iPad), and let everyone know how much you loved it.

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