Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SlimPort Video/Power Cable for the Nexus 4

Apple made a fuss with their Lightning connector, as being needed for future proofing their "cabling". Well, if you were annoyed by not being able to connect your Android smartphone to a video device (projector, monitor, etc) while charging it at the same time - because you had to use the same port - you'll like to know that Google has taken care of it in the new Nexus 4, thanks to SlimPort.

The SlimPort allows you to use a single microUSB port to provide a video output while charging the device at the same time. For now you get a HDMI out SlimPort dongle, but soon you'll be able to find DVI, VGA, and DisplayPort models.

While these SlimPort adapter will cost around $30, I think that's not too expensive (Apple's Lightning cables and adapters cost roughly the same). So... it seems Apple could have used a microUSB port if they wanted, though I have to admit, being able to plug a Lightning plug  "either way" is... nice. (In my microUSB devices, I still keep missing the "right way" to connect the microUSB cable, even after years of use.)

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