Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Space Shuttle on the Streets of Los Angeles

The mighty Space Shuttles that made us all dream for the past decades might now be grounded forever, but the truth remains: these are some of the most amazing machines ever built by the human race, and that will forever stand as a milestone in the conquest of space. After so many million miles zooming across the vastness of space, and gently gliding back down to earth, the last of the Space Shuttles, Endeavour, has found itself in quite different surroundings.

On its way to its final resting place in the California Science Center, the Space Shuttle Endeavour had to travel through Los Angeles busy streets, putting it closer than ever to all those that - like us - have been inspired by it since we ever fist laid eyes on it.

Googdbye Endeavour... you will never be forgotten, nor will any other of your fellow Space Shuttles: Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery and Atlantis.

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