Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Charging an iPhone with Fire

Imagine you're out in the wild, lost, and your trusted smartphone - your last link to civilization - is finally running out of power (not that it would take that long... considering most smartphones can't even last more than a couple of days).
Oh no! What are you going to do?

Well, you might have a solar powered smartphone charger... but maybe it's pitch black, in the dead of the night, and you really need to have your iPhone running.

How about charging it with a camp fire? It might sound kind of crazy, but it's actually possible, thanks to the amazing properties of a peltier thermoelectic plate. This amazing device can heat and cool its surfaces depending on the polarity of the electric power flowing through it. But, just like many other electric devices, it too can work in reverse: meaning, if you can provide electricity to heat it up, you can also heat it up to generate electricity.

And that's exactly what's happening in the following video. (As always, it's a "don't try this at home unless you know exactly what you're doing and you're willing to bet your iPhone on it"! :)

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