Friday, January 4, 2013

Facebook Messenger App gets Voice Messages

If you can't keep away from your Facebook Messenger App, you'll like to know that besides texting, you'll now be able to send and receive voice messages via the Facebook Messenger App for iOS and Android.

This means you'll no longer have to worry about typing on your smartphone keyboard while walking down the road (or driving!), as well as for those times when... things are better said than typed.

This update also shows how Facebook is getting ready to enter a new market. Canadian users will soon be able to make free voice calls using the Facebook Messenger, putting it in direct competition with the likes os Skype and other popular VoIP services. And I think it won't take a genius to figure out that once they've taken that service out of beta and make it available to the entire world, soon after we should have videochat as well - possibly even with group chat capabilites, to serve as an answer to Google's Hangouts.

when talking about these things I can't stop thinking about the missed opportunity Apple had when they launched Facetime - a protocol that was supposed to be open for other developers to use... but that - if that ever comes to be true - will most likely be overdue and not needed at all.

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