Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Free Adobe Photoshop... that Wasn't

In the past couple of days, a very intriguing announcement zipped across the web: Adobe was offering their popular image editing program - Photoshop - and several others, for free!

Sure, it was the older CS2 version, but hey... if it's free what's to complain? (And let's face it, even that old Photoshop is more than enough for 99.9% of the things most people will want to do.)

But, as I suspected, even this was too good to be true:

On behalf of Adobe Systems Incorporated ...

You have heard wrong! Adobe is absolutely not providing free copies of CS2!

What is true is that Adobe is terminating the activation servers for CS2 and that for existing licensed users of CS2 who need to reinstall their software, copies of CS2 that don't require activation but do require valid serial numbers are available. (Special serial numbers are provided on the page for each product download.) See forums.adobe.com.

You are only legally entitled to download and install with that serial number if you have a valid license to the product.

Meaning... Adobe is facing what all DRM-validated software activation will inevitably face: that eventually some old activation server will be shut down, and users will have to search around and find ways to bypass it. At least in this case they're providing some valid serials... and not simply redirecting customers to a "pirate" key generator.

The provided serials for end-of-life Adobe CS2 product follows:

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