Monday, February 25, 2013

Tegra 4 Shows what it's Worth

Nvidia has been a strong contender in the mobile market since the beginning of the recent smartphone/tablet revolution, with its Tegra chipsets becoming widely known and famed. Over the years, they've become better and better, and you wouldn't expect things to change with the new version that will set a new standard for 2013. Tegra 4 benchmarks are popping up and show a vast improvement over the previous Tegra 3 generation:

Unlike what you get on the desktops, where each new CPU generation might get you a bit faster CPU and/or slightly better power efficiency, in the mobile segment you can still get differences of over 3x the performance over the last generation. And yes, they're able to do it while still improving the power efficiency as well. For instance, while playing FullHD video, Tegra 4 uses just 0.95W, compared to the 1.2W of the Tegra 3. A difference that will help your smartphone/tablet last longer while playing video.

Now we just have to put this new beast face to face with the upcoming octa-core Exynos Samsung will use in their new Galaxy S4 (that will be presented on March 14th.)

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