Sunday, March 31, 2013

iMessage Flood Crashes your iPhone

Apple iMessage service might be one of the most useful aspects of the platform, but unfortunately is also prone to misuse and abuse. I can't really believe that Apple implemented the iMessage without a way for a user to block messages from unknown contacts (which is not the same as the recent option not to show notifications for messages received from unknown contacts in the notifications section - that takes care of the notifications, but you still receive the messages just the same).

The issue is that there's nothing stopping anyone from flooding you with thousands and thousands of messages, day in and day out.

And to make things worse, by using gigantic unicode messages filled with strange characters... they can even crash your iMessage service and preventing it from even restarting (as the "bad message" will make it crash again).

C'mon Apple... would it be that hard to figure out someone out there would "abuse" the system? Please fix this: by limiting the rate of messages that can be sent to single recipient, and... even more important, the chance for users to block (and possibly report as spammers) senders they don't know/want to know.

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