Monday, March 25, 2013

Steam Early Access

If you don't like to wait for you favorite game to come out, Steam now offers you the chance to be involved and play the game much sooner, with the new Steam Early Access.

This new mode allows players to access games as they're being developed, in both alpha and beta stages (although you'll have to endure any bugs and quirks that are expected in these phases). Lots of developers have launched alpha and beta testing campaigns due their games development phase, but thanks to Steam they can now capitalize on it. Meaning, developers can allow early access for free; for a discounted price; or even at a price premium - depending on the "desirability" of the game and the type of beta-testers they're trying to engage. (Someone that is willing to pay extra to play the game at such early stages will more likely be interested in reporting and giving feedback and suggestions that another that just tried it out because it was free).

There are already 13 titles available in Early Access, among which you can find ARMA III.

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