Monday, March 4, 2013

Sun - Weather Web App for iOS

Things are progressing in a way that will inevitably turn any and every app into a "web app" (we just need to look at games like Warface - played on the browser - to realize it's inevitable). But although there's still lots to be done (we're still years away from the day web apps will be competitive with native apps for high-performance applications) we already have some curious little web apps that show us what they can do when put to good use, like this Sun.

Altough it's nothing but a "web page", this Sun becomes a fully fledged touch responsive, and fluid, app that shows you the weather at your current location, as well as three other cities of your choosing.

The attention to detail and the simple, yet very well done, iconography make this web app one of the most beautiful weather apps out there - even if you consider all the native ones.

If you add it to your home screen (as you should), you even get an updating icon (that's more than the native iOS app does!)... though it only updates when you open up the app - background refreshes at hourly intervals would certainly come in handy.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, do give it a try, and see if your friends can tell the difference between a native app and thos Sun web app.

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