Wednesday, April 10, 2013

iPad Status Board App

Ever wished to turn your iPad into a fully customized status board showing all kinds of info? Now you can, thanks to the Status Board App. Sure you could try and code yourself some fancy dynamic HTML5 web page, host it somewhere, and use you iPad browser to display it. But why go through all that trouble (in case you do know what you're doing) when you can do it in a much simpler drag-and-drop fashion - but still retaining full control of advanced customizations should you chose to do so?

Using this app you can easily chose the built-in panels to show data from your calendar, tweets, e-mail, weather, news, and more. You can also use the pro panels, where you have components like Graph and Table, which you can customize and display data from JSON, CSV, and HTML data - or even design your own components in HTML

When you have everything in place, you can easily share your dashboard with others, or display it in an external display via HDMI or AirPlay ( formatted specifically for HDTV's so you don't get letterboxing).

[Status Board at the App Store]

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