Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Microsoft IllumiRoom will Blow your Mind (and Room)

I was hoping for Microsoft to support virtual reality goggles (like the Oculus Rift) on the next Xbox, but it seems they have another thing in mind - and that, truth be told, should be less "nauseating" to those prone to motion sickness; as well as providing a more social experience, as everyone will be able to enjoy the effect and not only the one wearing the VR set.

Microsoft's IllumiRoom can almost be compared to a "Holodeck", as it transforms your room into a virtual landscape in sync with your Xbox games (and movies). No, it's not the same as simply projecting a large image over your furniture. The system is capable of detecting and recognizing the objects in there, and calibrate itself accordingly. It even allows you to change your furniture color, or make it "invisible", or even make it "wobble" when an explosion occurs in a game.

It is truly game changing... and it opens up the possibilities for lots more. For instance, when you're watching a movie, a video of someone ringing your doorbell might popup out of the screen, over the wall, without interrupting your movie. Or how about notifications of friends getting online slowly creeping up from the floor up to the screen, and then fading away somewhere out of sight?

Let's hope this thing is ready in time for the Xbox 720 launch when it reaches the stores later this year.

[via the verge]

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