Friday, April 5, 2013

Sony Xperia ZL gets Guinness World Record for Largest Screen Mosaic

What do you do with nearly 200 high-end smartphones? For Sony the answer was simples: to mash them up into a giant mosaic screen and grab the Guinness World Record for the largest animated smartphone mosaic. It happened  during the last MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, where they put 196 Xperia ZL in a 14 x14 matrix for the world to see.

... I think this record won't stand for long, as I imagine other manufacturers will quickly jump in to beat it and show off their own brand (20x20 seems like a nice round number... should you happen to have 400 smartphones around somewhere).

In case you were impressed by its size alone, I should also remind you that, having a 5" Full HD screen, this mosaic also is sure to have one of the highest pixel resolution in the world: 26880 x 15120 pixels - enough to put to shame even the Ultra HD 4K and 8K!

To put things into perspective, a single uncompressed frame at this resolution takes about 1.13GB! That translates into roughly 34GB per second should you want to display a video at 30fps (meaning 1TB would only be able to hold about 30s of video).Of course, that's exactly why codecs and compression were invented for, and the real values would be a lot less intimidating... but it's still incredible to think at this scale of things.

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