Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Scale of the Universe

The other day we were checking the distance to Mars and I said it was just a small step in the huge cosmic scale of things. Today, we're going to put that into perspective, by checking the scale of the Universe from the infinitesimal tiniest things to that absolutely gigantic ones.

I can't stop being amazed by seeing that, whenever we think things are getting impossibly big... there's still a lot of bigger things to come.

It does serve to reminds us of our infinitesimal tiny scale in the Universe - and somehow it also reminds us that most of our "big problems" are only that being because we allow it to be. Do we really need to kill others and destroy our planet, when we all have to share this tiny speck of cosmic dust we call Earth?

Dear leaders of the world (and everyone else who may think they're "more" than everyone else), do watch this Universe scale at least once per week to remind yourselves of the true scale of your so-called "dominion".

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