Saturday, May 11, 2013

Among the Sleep [Game]

If you're tired of playing first-person-perspective games where you're put in the shoes of a ultra powerful mean killing machine, what would you think of a change of scenery - a much scarier one, I might add - that puts you in the body of a two year old child? That's what this Among the Sleep is trying to accomplish, and from what we can see already... it deserves to be fully backed on Kickstater.

There's less than a week remaining and they're still a few thousand dollars. If you like games and fell in love with the visuals (like most people I've shown it to), do consider helping it come to fruition. With as little as $20 you'll get a digital copy of the game - and I've already done my part, "buying" one for me and another to offer as a gift.

We need more people developing games they love, instead of (more of the same) games that come out every year and simply change the number in front of the title hoping to cash in on gamers. If all it takes to make this team's dream become a reality are $20 - and we get a nice game in the process - is there any thing else to think about?

To make it even better, the game will have Oculus Rift support, for a truly immersive experience:

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