Friday, May 3, 2013

Epic Citadel Running on Javascript now Available

A while back we saw Unreal Engine 3 ported to Javascript and running inside a browser. In case you didn't believe in it, you can now see it with your own eyes, as the Epic Citadel demo is now available for everyone to try - although it's highly recommended you use the latest Firefox (development version) to ensure the best performance (and keep in mind most other browser aren't supported, or... crash - as it's the case with Chrome; though they're trying to fix it).

It's still the first steps, but one can already imagine every game to be platforma agnostic and running inside your browser. No more worrying about buying game for Xbox, or PlayStation, or Windows, or Mac. You'll just fire up your browser and play.

Hopefully, that will also ease developer's lives, as they'll no longer have to worry about cross-platform ports and development. Meaning games will also be able to be cheaper, and thus less prone to pirating.

... It still may take a decade (or more)... but I think it's pretty clear we're heading that way - and I'm glad for it.

[via Mozilla]

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