Friday, May 31, 2013

Roll it and Racer show Web Gaming on Chrome

To show off modern browsers capabilities - especially Chrome's - Google has launched a couple new Chrome experiments that show you mutiplayer and multiplaform gaming on the web, with Roll it and Racer.

The first one shows up a panel with different holes - each one with a score attached - that you have to aim for as you throw a ball. The novelty is that while the main screen is shown on your desktop Chrome browser, the controller is your smartphone. Once you "pair it up" (by simply typing in a code), you can use it to select the direction and "throw the ball" by actually swinging your phone - as it uses its motion sensors. Working in nearly realtime, it's a perfect example of how smartphones can act as advanced game controllers in games.

In the second game, you have a stylized slot car game with up to 5 players, where each one can be playing in either Chrome for Android or iOS, and where each device will show up just a portion of the racing circuit. You can place the devices side by side on a table to stitch the circuit together - though each device "position" needs to be set manually... maybe in the future it will be able to auto-detect its orientation relative to other devices and set it up automagically! ;)

[via Chrome]

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