Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Porseg Fire-Proof Door Wins Red Dot Award

You may never have heard of Porseg before, but you're about to. Porseg is a Portuguese company specialized in safety and security doors, that has now won a Red Dot Design award with its "Plano" fire-door. This door was developer in just six months by its R&D department, and the result is stunning (if its appropriate to say that about a door).

The Plano door keeps all locking and moving mechanisms hidden from sight, leaving just the door itself and the handle bar visible.

It looks nice enough for some of us to wish having similar looking doors inside our homes! :)

This door was developed by request of the Portuguese architect Carrilho da Graça for use in one of the  largest data centers in the country (for the Portuguese telecom group" PT). Besides it's fire-proof capabilities this door also has excellent acoustic and water tightness features that make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Porseg is already manufacturing the first 300 units of the Plano door, and will be receiving the Red Dot awar next July 1st in Essen (Germany). Not bad for a Portuguese company that is over 170 years old. :)

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