Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Raiders of the Lost ET Dumped Game

There are lots of weird stories, myths and urban legends going around, but hopefully a film crew is about to put one to rest. They're trying to uncover the fate of millions of dumped E.T. game cartridges for the Atari 2600. The game was a complete flop back in the day, and Atari supposedly decided to dump them into a landfill in Alamogordo (New Mexico) - wouldn't it be more appropriate to do it in Roswell? ;)

While there are conflicting reports, there's a good chance this urban game legend will actually pan out to be true; and better yet, besides the 3.5 million E.T. game cartridges, there's hope the landfill will be filled with other "precious" items, like consoles, PCs, and even prototype Atari systems.

The site is supposed to have been covered in concrete to deter potential thefts, and reports indicate there were as much as 20 dump trucks of material left there. Let's hope this scavenger hunt does indeed turn out for the best, and that this failed game may yet become a really big hit... 30 years later!

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