Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Google Maps available for All - Leaves behind basic features

If you felt bad for not being considered "worthy" of trying the  new Google Maps, you're finally off the hook as Google has now opened up its new and "improved" map experience for all. Don't get me wrong, the new Google Maps is indeed better, in a sense that it looks better and is more dynamic and intelligent than ever - what annoys me the most is that I thought they would have taken care of some missing basic features by now!

Let's say you want to meet somewhere with friends, you drop a pin on the map and want to share it with your friends (or maybe even a Google+ circle, as Google is so fond of it, right?) You look around... and around... Certainly you must be missing something obvious that is staring right at your face; Google wouldn't dare create a new "improved" maps without such a basic feature, would they?... Indeed they did. There's no sharing in sight - and making it even worse, this isn't simply an oversight, as Google is perfectly aware of it, as clearly stated in the "help section":

To share the map with others double click the URL bar and copy-paste it to wherever you want.

Really? In 2013, Google is asking users to do CTRL+Copy and CTRL+Paste!?! (I can imagine a few thousand users looking for a "copy" key on their keyboards)...

And what about the sharing to satnav systems we had before, that allowed us to send a destination automatically to our cars? Should we "copy paste" it there as well?

It's, quite frankly, unbelievable how Google left out such a basic feature. I've already "complained" about it through the feedback report system, and I encourage you to do the same. Even if you have to "copy paste" the report to share it with your friends.

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