Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ebay My Gadgets helps you appraise your gadgets

Most of my "geek" friends can be considered to be either of two kinds of people: they buy gadget that they love and cherish for the rest of their lives, keeping them in their own "gadget museum" next to all the other obsolete pieces they've gathered throughout the years; or they quickly sell the gadgets they buy, while "new", in order to make a nice amount they can use to help buy the next new gadget they want.

In either case, it isn't always easy keeping track of how much gadgets are worth, and Ebay wants to help you with that with their new "My Gadgets" section where you can simply say which gadgets you have and instantly see how much they're worth should you want to sell them.

It's the type of tool that may help you realize just how much (or how little) your gadget stash is really worth, and maybe serve as a reminder that you may indeed be able to get that just-announced new gadget for a lot less money... should you be willing to part some of your older gadgets (that you most likely won't be using anymore anyway!)

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