Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Google drops Nexus 4 price to $199

The Nexus 4 may be nearly a year old but it's still one incredible smartphone for anyone looking for a (more than) decent device. Now, it gets even better, as Google has decided to drop its price from $299 to $199! If you were struggling to decide whether the N4 was a good deal compared with the more recent Chinese devices offering Full HD screens for an identical amount, now Google has again the upper hand.

In the UK and Euro area, de prices are £159 and 199€ for the 8GB model and  199£ / 249€ for the 16GB model ($249 in the US).

Sadly this refresh din't address the issue that the Nexus 4 is still only available at a small number of countries, with the rest of the world having to resort to forwarding services (or bug friends to buy it and sent it). And it also makes the disproportional price bump for the storage even more apparent. Considering the N4 has no microSD slot for memory expansion it's highly recommended to choose the 16GB model - and the extra $50 you have to pay for it (25% of the total price!) is hard to justify when you consider the actual cost for such a chip is just a few bucks!

Anyway... you'll be getting a Nexus, entitled to have the latest Android version without having to worry about it.

The only bad news are for those that were hoping to sell their Nexus 4 in the coming weeks to recoup some money in order to buy the upcoming Nexus smartphone - that should pop up by October or November. With the Nexus 4 now at $199... how much will you be willing to pay for a year old Nexus 4 in second hand? Not much indeed...

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