Monday, August 26, 2013

LOVEINT - NSA admits Agents spying Love Interests

With each passing day we find out more about NSA abusive spying. Just like Snowden had reported, NSA agents do use that vast amount of power to their personal use, with the agency now admitting there have been some cases of what is know being referred to as "LOVEINT" (in regards to the different spying categories used by the NSA: SIGINT - Signals, HUMINT - Human, etc).

We're all humans, and one can imagine just how irresistible it would be to listen in into your spouse, partner, girlfriend, etc. Particularly if there is any kind of suspicion regarding their behavior and they're away for some reason. Don't get me wrong... it's plain human nature, and I think it just proves that no matter how many preventive measures you put in place, the temptation to misuse such amount of power is simply to great to resist - and do keep in mind that in order to get into the NSA and to be able to do that sort of stuff, it is expected you'd have to pass several stringent security and personality tests.

Although PRISM is being touted as an essential tool to prevent "acts of terror", I think one might consider it to be a real "weapon of mass terror" for american citizens as well as the rest of the world. I have no doubt that if this had been done by any other country, the USA would treat it almost as an act of war and wouldn't allow any such spying over its citizens. But in this case... one can't stop but wonder if this will be the "elephant in the room" that will keep being there even if it now has been painted bright red.

Although... if people are more worried about Ben Affleck being the next Batman, and even petition the White House to prevent that from happening... maybe they can't even see it anymore. And that, is probably the scarier part of it all.

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