Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Philips Hue adds LED strips and Portable Bloom Lamps to the family

Philips is about to expand its family of Philips Hue smart LED lamps with other kinds of LED illumination that will certainly be welcomed by everyone that has a special attraction for decorative lighting (such as... me). After the regular styled LED light bulbs you can install in any regular lamp socket, Philips now brings us Philips Hue LED strips, and also a Bloom portable lamp you can place anywhere without concern about having a power socket nearby - which you'll be able to use to create great color scenes whenever the need arises.

Just like the original Hue LED lamps, the major thing in favor of this range of products (over those that come with a simple remote control) is that you can easily control them in a variety os ways. Besides being able to control it via a smartphone app or via preset scheduled routines, you can also create complex patterns and alerts using services like IFTTT (you can, for instance, make one of these lights flash when you have an incoming urgent email - or change its color if it's going to rain; or any other number of things you might come up with).

The only thing between you and all this is... it's price. At $89.95 for a 2m LED strip and $79.95 for the portable Bloom lampm it isn't exactly cheap - and you'll still need the Hue Hub ZigBee gateway that comes with the original Philips Hue pack ($199.95). I'm still glad to see Philips pushing this technology forward and making it available for consumers... but I hope it won't take long for it to come down in price so that every LED lamp can have this sort of control included, without any noticeable increase in price.

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