Friday, August 30, 2013

Pressy - a tiny button in a jack for Android smartphones

If you ever found yourself in a blackout and had to browse through dozens of pages of apps to find the "flashlight" one, you'll know that things aren't quite as simple and easy as they seem. Pressy is a curious Kickstarter project that offers a way to simplify your most needed tasks on your Android smartphone, while doing it with a nice physical click instead of a feeling-less "touch"

The Pressy is a small jack with a micro button on top. Yep, that's all there is about it.

The trick is that it comes with an app that allows you to customize what your smartphone will do when you press it. If you regularly use your smartphone as flashlight you can set it up so it lights up when you click on it. But, you're not restricted to a single operation. You can customize different actions for different click patterns: one long press, one quick press, two long presses, etc.

How about making the double click launching the camera app or the "writing on the screen" feature? Or, make the long press act as a panic button, sending your location to your friends and family warning them something is wrong.

Do give it at look: and it can be yours for just $17, with delivery scheduled for March 2014.

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