Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ubuntu Edge Funding starts to Stall

Looks like reality is finally bringing down the highly regarded Ubuntu Edge funding project. The goal of $32 million seemed quite high, but a meteoric first week that reached $7 million made many think that this project might actually make it. However, after the initial hype, that's when the funding starts to really show how it's going.

To put things in perspective, while the Ubuntu Edge campaign got $7 million in roughly 7 days, since then it has struggled for days to make it to the $8 million mark. Not a good sign if you consider that it should be making at least $1 million per day (in average) in order to make it to the desired goal. It's still a lot of money pouring in each day, but not nearly enough to make it to the $32 million goal.

Some still think that Canonical and/or its partners will jump in and save the day at the very last moment, to make this project real, if needed. But on the other hand, we're talking about less than 3000 buyers at this moment - a far cry from the volume needed to make such a project viable. You just need to take a look at devices from Apple, Samsung, and others, that sell millions in a the first couple of days after reaching the stores. A few thousands is nothing but a small inconsequential "blip" that goes unnoticed.

Let's see how this Ubuntu Edge turns out... but even though I've backed it right from the very beginning, I'm afraid this is more likely to end up as being one of the most well played vaporware campaigns of all times.

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