Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Glass explorers can now invite 3 friends to buy Google's SmartGlasses

While we're still eagerly awaiting for the Nexus 5 (and 10, and Android 4.4) Google also reminds us that Google Glass is getting closer than ever to a public launch date. For now, Google has expanded the reach of its Glass explorer's program, allowing each person to invite three more friends to buy Google Glass'es.

This will be a new and improved Glass device (although Google doesn't explicitly says what's new - hardware-wise). The new Google Glass is compatible with upcoming prescription lenses, and it also comes with a mono earbud - does that mean that Google ditched the vibration sound transmission system? Or will it work in tandem, or be user selectable? (Or maybe Google just intends to use the earbud to monitor your heart rate.)

A nice touch: existing Google explorer will have the opportunity to replace their Glass units for the new model

In any case, although I believe that this kind of tech has the power to revolutionize the word and the way we interact with computers; it all depends on one tiny little detail that Google wants to keep a secret till the very end: the Google Glass price.

Right now, the Glass costs $1500. At this price it won't revolutionize anything, the same way a Ferrari won't revolutionize public transportation. But if Google has plans to bring this to market at a price that will make even regular people ("non-geeks") want to buy it without second thought... then we're on to something. I secretly - well, not so secretly - hope that Google will amaze everyone when the time comes to reveal the Glass price; I guess will have to wait till 2014 to find out!

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