Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Google is readying Glass 2.0 for 2014?

We've first seen it  2012, hoped we'd get it by Christmas, saw it delayed to 2013, and then to 2014. As it stands, Google's Glass seems to be an ever going project with a launch date of "when it's ready and we say so". Well, according to some people that actually could tell us so (but can't), it seems that when it eventually reaches the stores in 2014, we might be looking at a Google Glass 2.0.

Considering the current Glass is now about two years old, and that a single year in mobile tech is enough to turn the best of the best into something merely "average", this is something that would make perfect sense - as well as it would allow Google to address all the things that need to be dealt with (keep in mind that the current generation can't even be folded like regular glasses to save space!)

This is the kind of device that Google can't afford to do wrong. Not because of "losing money" (like MS did in the Surface RT tablets), but because a failure would mean that the public opinion would look at these devices as nothing but a geeky gimmick with no actual interest.

I still believe that Google Glass (or a similar device) will catapult us into a new mobile era where we'll change the way we interact with our computers. For the most part, we're living in a "touch" era, where devices are great but they require you to keep your hands on it (though some are trying to break free, with always on voice recognition). But you'll still need to pick it up if you want to take a photo (or see one), meaning it will never be a hands-free experience. With something like Google Glass, you'll potentially be able to keep your hands in your pockets, or be typing at a keyboard, or playing music, or anything else - and still be able to do and see whatever you want.

All we need if for it to become "real" (as in, available)... and at a decent price.

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