Thursday, October 31, 2013

Google to launch Nexus 5 today

Looks like Google was waiting for Halloween to finally reveal their "treats" (with the "trick" being played on millions of fans around the world that have been eagerly waiting for the latest Nexus and Android 4.4 KitKat). With so many theories going around, it's hard to believe that this may actually be it. But... it will have to be, some time, and there is increasing chatter that points to Nexus 5 being available starting tomorrow, and some tech sites have already received review units. So, things are looking good...

As far as hardware goes, we've known what to expect. But new details indicate that Nexus 5 will have a always on listening mode (identical to Moto X) that will allow it to answer our questions and follow our instructions without having to wake it up first. And it looks like it will finally implement the Bluetooth Message Access Profile - allowing you to do what you already did with your old Nokia phone: read your messages in your car dashboard (for instance).

As always, we'll only know for sure if/when Google actually says so. Until then, we'll have to keep waiting... and waiting... and waiting. In any case, I've already set $349 aside, just waiting for the order page to popup online and press "buy" as quickly as possible! :)

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