Tuesday, October 22, 2013

iOS7 icons recreated in... MS Word

There are no lack of examples of amazing works done by people using the most inadequate programs for the task at hand. We've seen people creating amazing pictures in MS Paint and programming games in Excel... and now we might have a glimpse that helps us understand why Apple's iOS7 icons look they way they do. How would you feel if you knew that those icons could have been created in... Microsoft Word?

Most likely Apple designers didn't actually do it using MS Word... but it's amazing to think they could have.(Well, not that iOS7 icons are considered to be a great example of design...) Vaclav Krejci, designer at heart shows us how he did it in a slightly sped up video.

It's up to you to decide if the following video shows us just how great MS Word is for designing all kinds of stuff - including mockups of mobile interfaces - or if it is just iOS7's icons that are kind of suited for the simple design process available. (Truth be told, any other icons in any other mobile platform could probably be replicated as well...)

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