Friday, October 4, 2013

LED Lamps drop below $10 at Walmart

At last, we're finally able to get decent quality LED lamps that we can use to replace traditional light bulbs, at an affordable price. At Walmart you can now get a 60W equivalent LED lamp for under $10 - and we're talking about a dimmable version. A non-dimmable version is even cheaper (although we're talking about a $1 saving). Although we're talking about a 800lm 60W equivalent lamp, this LED lamp uses just 11W, providing considerable savings over the years (and hopefully, this time we're talking about realistic long term lamp life, as LEDs shouldn't have trouble handling on/off cycles.)

I don't have Walmart here, but we do have IKEA, and we also have similar lamps at around 10€ (I've bought a bunch last time I went there - though I still haven't had the time to do the intended proper review - I definitely need to become a "pro-blogger" and have the time for that sort of thing! :)

As a quick note, these LED lamps light is quite enjoyable, and they don't heat up as much as some earlier generations I've had. As for the dimming models, the only weird thing is that you get a quite narrow dimming range. Meaning, you can't get these lamps to "barely lit"; it's more like a 50-100% range of lighting power, and even if you go below the 50% on the dimmer, the light level stays constant (will be nice to see if you're using less power while providing the same light output! :)

I've place one in the most stressful place at home - a corridor with a motion sensor triggered lamp switch that can kill any lamp in under 6 months due to the frequent on/off cycles (and I do have the on cycle extended to prevent faster killing on CFL lamps - I know, they shouldn't be used like that.) If a year from now the LED lamp is still there, I'll consider it to be a success.

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