Saturday, October 12, 2013

Quick and cheap Tablet stand using CD/DVD "cake" boxes

Having recently bought a mini-tablet (at last) - no need to tell you which one, right? - I quickly came to the conclusion that although a 7" tablet is quite handy to hold in your hands... it doesn't really "stand" for itself whenever you want a hands free operation. In this case, I wanted to have the tablet next to my computer screen, in a way that would be more visible and comfortable to use than simply having it laid on the table.

Sure, there are thousands of different tablet stands, in all shapes, sizes (and prices). But I was certain there was something that could be done using regular household items. So, I cried for assistance on twitter, and before long I had a "perfect" solution: using a CD/DVD cake box as a stand.

As you can see in the photo,  it simply works. And if you're like me, you won't have a hard time finding these now almost obsolete items in your "tech drawer". I found out I still have hundreds of blank CDs and DVDs in there; in fact... other than the yearly summer vacation photo backup to DVD routine, I don't even recall burning discs. And to think that just "yesterday", burning CDs and DVDs was something we would do several times per day/week... How things change!

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