Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Samsung trumps LG with Galaxy Round - the first real curved screen smartphone

LG was about to announce its round flexible screen smartphone, but Samsung decided to ruin it and be the first on the market with a real curved screen smarphone: the Galaxy Round (basically, a curved Galaxy Note 3). If you're thinking about the Galaxy Nexus and similars, which already had a curved look, those models used a regular flat screen, with the curvature being provided by the glass.

This time however, you do get an actual curved Super AMOLED 5.7" Full HD screen, than bends around the vertical axis.

The specs are similar to the Note 3. A quad-core (2.3Ghz) CPU, 3GB RAM, 13MP camera, though the battery dropped from 3200mAh to 2800mAh (the curved volume with the 7.9mm thickness doing its toll). And if you're wondering about this device rocking back and forth when put on a table, Samsung decided to use that in its favor and now features the "Roll effect", where you can push on its edge to raise the device so the screen lights up and shows the notifications.

Though it may be more "organic", I still think this first generation of curved devices is nothing but a marketing stunt to say "we were the first; we can do it before everyone else" and that, besides the novelty factor (and high price, expect to pay over $1000 if it ever gets out of Korea) it doesn't really have any actual benefit on your daily use. (Ok, I admit I might be regretting having said this a few years from now... but I won't mind, if they do come out with a curved device that actually makes it better than a flat one!)

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